Q&A with Springfield Rapper Championxiii (with audio)

Twenty-three-year-old Springfield rapper Championxiii has garnered quite the Internet following nearly overnight. In what started out as a part of his video series “rappers be like” on the short video sharing app Tick Tock, Championxiii’s hit single “Becky” now has over a million streams on Spotify in a little over a month. While Championxiii is unsigned at the moment, he and his manager/cousin Nico Cotto have met with several record labels, including Columbia Records, Interscope, and plenty more.

Championxiii prides himself on his versatility as an artist. While making music since the age of 13, Championxiii has found comfort in R&B, hip-hop, and spoken word, which he shows flashes of on his 30-minute project Champion Status. Championxiii’s ceiling remains to be seen, but if the loads of fans rapping “Becky” on their Instagram stories is any indication, superstardom could be on the way.

Read and listen to the interview here.

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