Q&A: Amherst Rapper Big Sav turns pain and probation into music (with audio)

Twenty-one-year-old Amherst rapper Tyson Burnett, known as Big Sav, has turned his previous encounters with the law into a promising future. His catchy melodies over upbeat trap piano keys disguise the pain-filled lyrics like “I been lonely hoping that my light ain’t broken” in his song “Broken.” Catch Big Sav’s performance on Valley Advocate Sessions this Friday.

Big Sav grew up in Amherst with his mother, father, and brother, but frequently made trips to Brockton to visit family on holidays and special occasions. From a young age he was writing raps, inspired by then kid rapper Lil Bow Wow. At the age of 12, Big Sav went to a recording studio in Amherst to record his first demo tape (which he claims is “trash” and will never see the light of day).

While music has always been a passion for Big Sav, it wasn’t enough to keep him out of trouble. At the age of 18, Big Sav and two companions were charged with armed assault with intent to rob and conspiracy after attempting to hold up a Bruno’s Pizza delivery driver with a BB gun. By the grace of some forgiving comments by the pizza delivery driver in court, Big Sav didn’t face jail time, but he was given five years probation in 2017. While on probation, Big Sav has put his focus back into music.

Read or listen on ValleyAdvocate.com

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